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How it Works

We offer great discounts to staff members across the UK helping their pay cheque go that extra mile. Site users visit frequently to browse all the latest deals of some of the UK’s top national brands as well as businesses local to them. Businesses who register with us can also sign up their staff so they can also gain access to our offers. We also offer the chance to advertise on our site and network with our long list of clients.

Get Perks

Get tonnes of discounts and deals for your staff making their salary go that extra mile. We have A-Z discounts for some of the UK’s top brands and even your local businesses. Whether you are looking for a bite to eat, something to wear or even looking for someone to fix your car. Log In now and view our range.


You can network with other businesses on our site and create valuable connections increasing opportunities. Wether you want to set up private healthcare scheme, dental plan or perhaps you need the best rates to get your car fixed. We have all the contacts so get in touch today and we can make it happen.


We have a huge audience of site users and constantly looking out for the latest deals. We even bring the deals to members via our newsletters. By offering a discount and advertising with us you will have the chance to make a huge increase your footfall as well as generating that vital client retention. Get In Touch today and we can work out the best deal for you and your budget.

Design Service

Perk Network was founded by designers and digital marketeers. Our experienced design team can create complimentary artwork for your site profile to give you the best look and cleanest communication with your potential customers. If you would like any additional digital or creative work to help you business feel free to get in touch and we can get you a quote.


Perk Network Ltd • Registered in England and Wales - Company number: 12339797